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Uitati de blogging, e vremea pentru vlogging

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Ziaristul Gerard Seenan, de la The Guardian, relatează într-un articol intitulat „Forget the bloggers, it’s the vloggers showing the way on the internet” despre numeroasele avantajele ale vlogging-ului şi despre experienţele oamenilor care practică acest tip de blogging. Deşi este scris în 2004, într-o perioadă în care platformele video şi programele de prelucrare a fişierelor abia luaseră avânt, articolul este de actualitate tocmai prin exemplele pe care le prezintă în favoarea dezvoltării şi practicării vlogging-ului. Consemnările autorului nu te fac să priveşti înapoi cu reacţii nostalgice, nu de alta, dar dacă ne uităm prin blogosferă, pe ansamblu, mare lucru nu s-a întâmplat între timp. Probabil, abia de acum, prin apariţia aparaturii specializate (camere video pentru net sharing şi telefoane mobile evoluate), a platformelor complexe dezvoltate pentru diseminarea fişierelor video în ciberspaţiu şi a softurilor dedicate, vom asista la o expansiune a vlogging-ului. Redau mai jos câteva fragmante din articolul apărut în The Guardian. La finalul lui găsiţi câteva link-uri spre vlog blog-uri foarte bine realizate , dar şi actualizate (le-am verificat).
Forget the bloggers, it’s the vloggers showing the way on the internet
Gerard Seenan
When Luuk Bouwman finished college he did what so many graduates do and decided to spend a year travelling. He packed his rucksack with clothes and a video camera and jumped on a plane to Peru. (…) Mr Bouwman is the vanguard of the latest internet trend: video logging or vlogging. (…)His website ( has evolved into one of the slickest vlogging sites on the internet. It is a way for him and other young documentary makers to self-publish their work. „I get up to 500 unique visitors a day, nothing compared to TV, but a full cinema still,” he says.
But not all vlogging is so slick. In its most basic form, vlogging does not require very hi-tech equipment: a digital video camera, a high-speed connection and a host are all that is needed. It is still not an easy pursuit, but the gradual simplification of the technology is bringing an increasing number of people into vlogging – and politicising it.

Click on and you’ll find a video of a Manchester anti-war demonstration posted by Anonymous Hero. It’s the sort of rally by school and university students too small to make it on to the national media, but here it is being thrown open to a global audience. (…)Steve Garfield, a video producer from Boston, Massachusetts, has no problems with the medium. He uses his website to be a „citizen journalist”, which he describes as „anyone who decides to tell a story and share it”.(…) At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aisling Kelliher is working on a research project that uses new technology which allows vlogs to be created using the new generation mobile phones. (…)
What started as a personal video log has grown into a collective vlog with a small group of filmmakers. One of the sleekest sites on the net, it includes current vlogs from Chernobyl and Ethiopia
Boston-based video producer who wants to show that eventually anyone will be able to create original video on the net. Highlights include a quirky look at the recent Democratic convention in Detroit
Eschews the video-diary vlog concept for video logs that are concerned with social change. (…)
Articol apărut în ziarul The Guardian din 7 august 2004